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We Need a Home!

Mischa - Cat for Adoption


Mischa is an eight year old spayed female kitty whose daddy had to move away and he couldn't take her with him. She is used to being an outdoor kitty and has spent her whole life on the peninsula. (She's a LOCAL!) She developed sores on her paws from being outside and is looking for a home where she can live indoors in comfort and have a best friend. She is very outgoing and an absolute "Purr Monster!"
Cooper - Cat for Adoption


Cooper came to us early this year near death. His penis had been blocked and he had not been able to urinate for over 4 days. His body was shutting down and his daddy could not afford to care for him. Dr. Earl removed 13 stoned from his penis and treated him for a bladder and kidney infection. We were so grateful that he made a full recovery! He has not had any issues with crystals since and has returned to being a fat and happy boy. (ok maybe a little too fat, but he is on a diet). He is only 2 years old and is looking for a family to be his forever.