2915 Newport Blvd.
Newport Beach, CA 92663

Our Team

Dr. Donald Earl

Doctor Earl's Pets

  • Bitsy-Maltese
  • Princess-Pomeranian
  • Angelface- Poodle

Dr. Donald Earl

Dr. Donald Earl started his career in veterinary medicine in 1989 when his wife, Andrea, brought home a very sick puppy named Booboo. Over the next 2 weeks, Booboo was diagnosed with distemper and Donny and Andrea were told by an emergency doctor to put her to sleep. They loved her too much to give up that quickly, so they took her to another doctor for a second opinion. They met a fantastic vet named Dr. John Symes, who told them Booboo still had a little fighting room left. Over the next few months, Booboo’s bill went into the thousands, so Dr. Symes let Donny start helping at the hospital to defray some of the costs. He worked part time at the hospital for the next 7 years until he left for veterinary school.

While he was working as a technician, he also volunteered 2 days a week at The Friends of the Sea Lion in Laguna Beach. On his birthday in 1996, his greatest supporter, his wife of 25 years Andrea, told him he should go back to school to follow his lifelong dream of being a veterinarian. Dr. Earl graduated with his D.V.M. from the University of Florida in 2000. Since then, he has enjoyed practicing small animal medicine in Irvine and Rancho Santa Margarita, and currently in Newport Beach, CA. Especially dear to him is his rescue work with German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County, Guide Dogs for the Blind, and The Pup Squad Rescue.

Dr. Earl is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, California Veterinary Medical Association, Southern California Veterinary Medical Association, and Feline Practitioners of America. He has lectured on "Technology in the Fully Integrated Veterinary Practice" in Chicago, Honolulu, and Southern California. He is an Eagle Scout, Assistant Scoutmaster in Troop 636, Cubmaster of Pack 727, and an avid supporter of The Boy Scouts of America.
Daniel Linn

Dan's Pets

  • Sammy- Terrier
  • Peek-a-boo- Retriever mix
  • Scout- Retriever mix
  • Roxie- Chihuahua
  • Stumbles- Domestic Kitty
  • Andrew- Domestic Kitty

Daniel Linn

Dr. Earl has known Dan for over 20 years. Their professional relationship began when Dan was an R.O.P. working his internship at the same animal hospital. Donny was assigned to show Dan “the ropes," and their friendship began. Dan and Dr. Earl's paths parted for the next 5 years as Dan continued his career in veterinary medicine and Dr. Earl left for veterinary school. They met up again in 2000, and Dan has worked as Dr. Earl’s hospital manager for the past 14 years. Dan has a wealth of experience and his welcoming smile and warm laughter have become somewhat of a trademark for our hospital.
Suzan Linn

Suzy's Pets

  • Jessie- Shepherd mix
  • Scraps- Terrier mix
  • Jack- Jack Russell
  • Tink-Domestic Kitty
  • Harley- Domestic Kitty
  • Hendrix- Domestic Kitty
  • Tommy- Domestic Kitty

Suzann Linn, aka Suzy Q

Suzy joined our family in 2002, when she worked on a part time basis as she earned her bachelor’s degree in kinesiology from UCLA. During that time, her dog, Cinco, had a severe stroke and was unresponsive. Suzy drove him to the hospital at light speed and spent the next 48 hours by his side. He did recover with her TLC, and because of that crisis, Suzy realized her passion for animal care. She became a Registered Veterinary Technician in 2010, and she was a natural fit, as she and Dan are brother and sister! Although Suzy is a dog lover like all of us, she is also the proud mama to four gorgeous cats! Our feline patients are always in good hands with Suzy on board.

In 2005, our trio headed off to an adventure that would forever bond them as a true family. After Hurricane Katrina, Dan learned of a rescue center that was in need of medications. After researching it further, he learned that the center not only needed medicine, but also had no doctors. Within 24 hours, the three were on a plane headed for the Mississippi-Louisiana border. They expected to be travelling on boats into the heart of New Orleans. Upon arriving in Jacksonville, MS, the rescue center asked that they stay and help them build and run an emergency ICU. Over the next four days, they slept a total of 5 hours and worked in sub-standard conditions.

With no diagnostic equipment other than penlights, a stethoscope, and their combined years of training, they ran the emergency hospital and oversaw the care of over 450 animals, and only lost one patient, a very stressed out pet bird. The experience showed them how much you can do with only your education and instincts to guide you, and it changed them forever.
Nick Rounds

Nicks's Pets

  • Mogli- Pomeranian
  • Dexter- Pit Bull Mix

Nick Rounds

Nick joined our family in the summer of 2010. We found ourselves in need of support during the busy summer months and asked for his help. We had known Nick for years, as he and Erin have been dating for a long time. We found him to be so valuable that we never wanted him to leave, so we made the job full time! He has become Dr. Earl's "Go-To Guy” and Dan and Suzy's "MVP". Feel free to ask him any questions, and if he does not know the answer he will be your liaison in the lobby that makes sure your needs are met.
Erin Dunlap

Erin's Pets

  • Ziggy- Mastiff mix
  • Marley- Mastiff Mix
  • Bailey- Boxer Mix
  • Punkin- Maine Coon

Erin Dunlap

Erin joined our family in 2005 after deciding that she would like to try the field of Veterinary Medicine. Previously, she had been in nursing school, but she decided that her lifelong love of animals was leading her in a different direction. She started in the industry working as a receptionist and after three years, she began working with patients. She currently runs our customer care group and helps Dr. Earl manage the practice. She also continues to help Dan and Nick with patients on Saturdays. Erin has a soft spot in her heart for pit bulls and pit mixes, so your beautiful pit bull will always be welcome here!
Laura Crossett

Laura's Pets

  • Louie- Pug
  • Maya- Pug

Laura Crossett

Laura joined our family in the August of 2011. She and her pug, Maya, had been regular clients as Maya is something of a "frequent flyer." Laura always had thought it would be wonderful to work with animals. She came to us from Colorado with a wealth of people skills and was a quick fit into our little family. Not long after joining our family, Laura adopted another rescue pug, Louie, and now she is in love with all brachycephalic breeds. Please don’t be surprised if she wants to hear stories about your own smushy-faced dog!