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Lido Animal Hospital strives to create a warm, gentle environment where we treat your pets like true members of the family. With all new equipment, cutting-edge diagnostic tools, and over 20 years of veterinary medicine experience, we’ve designed the full-service veterinary hospital our community deserves.

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We believe that there should be little to no barriers between us and our patients. This means that when you and your pets are here, you can expect us to meet them where they are, both physically and emotionally. Whether it’s giving them the space they need to feel at ease or getting right down on the floor for some snuggles and ear scritches, we tailor our approach to each individual pet’s requirements and personality to ensure that they (and you) feel safe, secure, and cared for.

More Than Medicine

Our commitment to providing comprehensive care for cats and dogs encompasses a wide range of services, from routine wellness check-ups and vaccinations to advanced medical treatments and surgical procedures. But caring for our patients means much more than taking care of their physical needs—we understand the importance of mental and emotional well-being for pets. While this is a fairly recent concept in the veterinary industry as a whole, we’ve been integrating our patients’ emotional and psychological states into our care for decades. Come experience the Lido Animal Hospital difference!

Lido Animal Hospital

What Pet Parents Are Saying

Dr. Earl and his crew go above and beyond what I have ever experienced in the past. I just got a new puppy July 1st, and set up an appointment for a physical, It all went well. I enjoyed meeting the entire crew and Dr. Earl. Well August 29th my puppy really got sick I called their office and they understood the urgency and within 3 hours, I was at their front door, and Bella was in the best care.

Lou B.

I just came home from an emergency trip to Dr. Earl's office, and felt compelled to immediately rave about the incredible treatment my dog received. We were on an afternoon walk, when she suddenly stopped and lifted her path in pain. I called the front desk, and Erin said come right over. The service here is matched only by the incredible veterinary care. Suzy and Dr. Earl knew exactly what it was, a bee stinger lodged in her paw. We were in and out in a few minutes, but I will be forever grateful. 

Cynthia R.

Dr. Earl diagnosed our German Shepard's bacterial infection in his colon and put him on an antibiotic treatment plan that is having a quick and healthful effect on him. He is feeling much better already. Dr. Earl is loving and caring in his interaction with our dog. We give our highest rating to the Lido Animal Hospital.

Chris B.

Dr. Earl and his entire staff are just incredible. We wouldn’t go to anyone else to receive care for our kitties.This is a team that is not only brilliantly skilled at what they do, but they care so much about their patients in every way. You can feel the love and empathy from every member of the staff. We count ourselves very lucky to have Dr. Earl as our Vet. It gives us a huge peace of mind to know that our fur babies are always in the best of hands.

Ryan R.

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