Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

It’s about a good life, not good looks!

Don’t let the name fool you! In the veterinary field, reconstructive and plastic surgery isn’t done to enhance the cosmetic appearance of your pet; it’s done to increase your pet’s quality of life and ensure that they have the most years possible with you.

The types of reconstructive and plastic surgery services we provide include:

  • Traumatic wound closure
  • Skin grafting for large wounds
  • Non-surgical wound care
  • Tumor removal and reconstructive surgical repairs
  • Reconstructive eyelid surgery
  • And much more!

Some reconstructive and plastic surgery procedures are geared more toward certain kinds of pets. Other types of reconstructive surgical techniques can be used in a variety of scenarios, such as a pet who has a wound or large mass removed and there’s not enough healthy tissue to close the area.

If you have any questions about our plastic and reconstructive surgical options or are wondering if they might benefit your pet, call us today to set up a consultation!