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With almost 20 years of veterinary medicine experience, Dr. Earl and his staff strive to create a warm and gentle environment where we treat your pets like true members of the family.

With all new equipment and cutting edge diagnostic tools, we have designed the full service veterinary hospital the neighborhood deserves.

Please bring your babies by to meet our staff and have a cookie anytime.

Advanced Veterinary Medicine at Lido Animal Hospital

When your pet is sick you want an animal hospital that treats your pet like a member of your family. That's exactly what you get at Lido Animal Hospital in Newport Beach. Dr. Earl and his staff have spent the last 20 years helping pets and their families understand general pet care like vaccinations and proper diet, while also helping them overcome illnesses and disease. With cutting edge technology and an experienced staff, you will leave Lido Animal Hospital knowing that your pet is in good hands.

Comprehensive Animal Care

Lido Animal Hospital has a variety of services to help diagnose and treat your pet. We do most of our own lab work so that you can get answers quickly and we can devise a treatment plan to help your pet. As a premier veterinarian office in the Balboa Peninsula, we offer laser surgery for non-emergency treatments and minor problems, dental care for pets that have problems with cavities, abscesses, or other dental issues, and a cutting-edge surgical suite. We also offer general pet care including vaccinations, spay and neuter, nutrition and diet info, and x-rays.

Pet Adoption Services

If you're looking to add to your family with a furry friend, we can help you with pet adoptions. Our adoptive pets come to the vet office from clients who can no longer care for the pet and want to find it a good home, or from abandoned strays that we take in, check out, and offer for adoption. We examine all of our adoptive pets so that you know the condition of their health.

Whether you need a new veterinarian office for your pet or are interested in adopting a pet, we can help. Call our office or schedule an appointment online and we promise you'll feel confident and comfortable with the services we provide.