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Anesthesia Free Dental Care

Please ask Dr. Earl so you know what is involved and if your pet is a good candidate for a non-anesthetic dental cleaning. Jason Carr from Healthy Smiles comes to our facility and works with us twice a month. Our clients and patients (both canine and feline) love him.

Laser Therapy

Since 2012, we’ve added the K-laser cube low voltage therapeutic laser to our medical protocols. We can now treat minor abscesses and lacerations without the need to go to surgery. It is also very useful in treating inflammation caused by injuries and infections. Please ask if it would help your pet’s condition. For further information on therapeutic laser treatment follow the link to: http://www.K-LaserUSA.com.

Full In House Laboratory

Here at Lido Animal Hospital, we are able to do the majority of our lab work in-house. Equipped with the advanced Idexx Catalyste Chemistry and Electrolyte analyzer, along with our Lazercyte blood analyzer, we are able to get answers within minutes instead of sending the lab work to an off-site facility. Because of this equipment, we are able to provide your pet the treatment it needs much faster.

Digital X-Ray

We have the fully integrated Idexx Digital C/R radiology system. With this system, we can take x-rays in seconds and have the results for you to see right away. We also have the ability to send the x-rays out to be read by a Board Certified Radiologist for further study.

Dedicated Surgical Suite

With advanced anesthesia monitoring including ECG, non-invasive blood pressure, pulse oximetry, and capnography, we at Lido Animal Hospital are able to offer a wide range of surgical services. For more advanced surgeries, including orthopedics and abdominal exploratory surgeries, we are able to bring in Board Certified surgeons to work with our team.